The Process

3D Design and Render

We start the process of making your dream jewellery piece by designing on the computer all of the elements needed to be included in the finished design.

We then render a series of a photo realistic images and send these off to the customer for approval or to fine tune the design.


Rendered Ring Examples

Once the design is accepted, we then proceed to use a 3d printer and create your dream design in a solid wax form

3D Wax Prints

These wax forms are then glued to a tree core so the liquid metal can flow into the designs, this tree is covered in a special high temperature resistant ceramic liquid that sets hard, this allows the molten metal to flow into each of the designs.

Wax Print Tree to Metal Cast

When the Ceramic has been dried and heated to very hot, the wax is melted out and any residue burnt off, leaving a void in the space where the wax once occupied.

Liquid Gold or Silver is then poured in to the ceramic and and all of the empty spaces are filled with the hot metal

Wax Print Tree to Metal Cast

Finished Examples

  • Facebook Black Round
  • Twitter Black Round

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